Lebanon, who is to chair the UN Security Council in September, said it will support Palestine’s bid for international recognition.

Lebanon will support Palestine’s bid at UNSC
Posted 03.09.2011 10:08:31 UTC
Updated 03.09.2011 10:08:31 UTC

Lebanon’s permanent envoy at the UN Nawaf Salam spoke to reporters at a press conference on the UNSC’s program in September. Salam said they will discuss the issue with Sec Gen Ban ki-Moon and bring it up before the Security Council.

Lebanese diplomat underlined that Palestine meets all the conditions of being a state outlined in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States signed in Uruguay in 1933.

Ambassador Salam said UN General Assembly might grant Palestine full membership according to the number of countries who would vote “yes” for Palestine’s bid; and reminded that the state of Palestine already has an observer status in the General Assembly.